The Vortex Maintenance Commitment


WE, as a group of individuals working together for the benefit of the whole, make a statement of our goals and beliefs, which represent the aspiration of our company.


  • WE  COMMIT  ourselves to be professional in our service to our clients and our employees.
  • WE COMMIT  to the ideal that outstanding quality of service is a right of our customers, and that our foremost goal is customer satisfaction.
  • WE COMMIT to the respect of each unique individual; that each individual has God-given talents to be maximized by allowing each to fulfill their potential.
  • WE COMMIT to the belief that good communication and clear expectations with our superior and our subordinates are critical responsibilities of good management.
  • WE COMMIT to the important belief that individual effort deserves to be recognized, and we do not take for granted the fact that people are the most important asset of our company.
  • WE COMMIT ourselves to improve our skills as individuals, both professionally and personally.

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